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Year: 17, Issue: 1, 2017

ISSN: 1303-0671

Year: 17, Issue: 1, Summer 2017
The Concept of “La ba’sa (beh)” in The Context of Responsibility Theory in Fıqh
The Hadith Transmitting in Shia and The Role of the Understanding of Ashab al-ijma in Isnad Criticism
Abdulaziz Atik, Works and Contributions to The Arabic Language and Its Rhetorics
Sufism Understanding of Hamdun Kassar From The First Period Malamati Sheikh
The Effects of Westernizaton on The Religious Life in The Novels Written by Halid Ziya Usakligil
An Analysis of the Issues That ‘Abdullah b. Mas‘ûd is Claimed to Have Forgotten
The Divine Attraction (Jadhbah) as a Possibility af Self-Revelation (Al-Taarruf) and Unveiling (Mukashafah) in Sufism
Rumor About Hz. Muhammad's Visit to Ummu Mabed in The Way of Hegira and Its Analysis in Terms of Invitation Method
Analysis of Obsessive Compulsive Symptom Seen in Youth Period in Terms of Some Variables Like Belief, Worship and Religious Knowledge
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